Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Francis Escudero

Francis Escudero and Gringo Honasan are my favorite Filipinos. They are the smartest people in the country. Hon. Francis Escudero is young yet very concern on the people’s wellness and the country’s safety. When I first saw him in TV, I knew that he’s gonna be a good politician. He speaks the truth and was never afraid to tell what he thinks is not appropriate.

Before, I was never interested to watch news, it frustrates me so much that they put the Magdalo men in prison and what they’re showing on tv was the “good deeds” of the president. It is so annoying and disappointing that even though the president herself apologized in national television, which obviously means that she was guilty and she won’t be on her thrown now if she didn’t cheat, with the help of her coward and substandard claws in the COMELEC, she’s still kicking it there in the Malacanang. Thinking that Gloria is still the country’s president [but was never mine] I feel apathetic.

But Hon. Francis Escudero showed up and awakens all the Filipinos. He made everyone realize that we still have the chance to make the country a better place. A better place for the GOOD Filipinos without the greedy president and not being manipulated by any other countries especially the war gamer Bush.


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