Monday, February 19, 2007


Jerihco is from Leyte and i was hella surprised when i saw him on TV! I mean he planned to run for a senator!
Although he is very famous in my place, i was never convinced that he would make it there to the Senate. Leyteyanon might known him very well since he came from a political clan. His family "rule Leyte". Then suddenly, a report flashed that Petilla decided to run again for governor and Cesar would be his substitute. If i am to choose between them i would definitely pick Petilla. Not because he came from my place but because he has more knowledge about politics and hes been in this feild for quite a long time.
Then i philosophized that Petilla planned it all! He went to the COMELEC to formally state that he is running for senator so that he will be featured on national televesion. Since that all senatoriables are freakin hot right now, he thought that by doing it he will be broadcast on tv ofcourse. Atleast 98% of the viewers will be familiar with him! And it was such a "brilliant idea" he made. He promoted himself for the next election. So if ever he will run for senator next election [obviously he would] he can be recognized by the people.

Oakwood Mutiny Fails bec of Honasan?

as ive been saying before, i like or probably or i did definitely admire Gringo Honasan. For some reasons it is so hard to accept some rumors about him. Whether its an ironic FACT or just a big lie..its very disappointing to be aware of his unGODly deeds..

Nevertheless, i still acknowledge his accomplishements and his heroic activities. For overthrowing the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos and for his coup attempts. Although coup had killed nearly 100 people and if the Oakwood Mutiny in July 2003 has been successfull, it might be devastating to the country. BUT obviously, these people would not even try to think about doing such attempts if the Government or the Administration i must say, has been responsible and has been GOOD enough since they were never given the chance to speak out and to inform the country how faulty our admin is. The Coup is their way and probably the only way to show that they are not happy and satisfied with what is going on with the country.

Anyways, heres an anonymous email sent to Mr. Rizalist

i am not sure in any way if i must believe in this email but the only thing that is clear is that noone was able to say that hes been in the so called Honasan's yacht. He might pocketed the money, and its in the bank. Ready to be be used on whatever Gringo's plans. On whatever he's going to do next.Hmm..i wonder whats on HIS mind? But i know that Gringo is going to do what is suppose to be DONE!

here it goes:

Dear Mr. Rizalist:

I hope you will write about Faeldon and the rest of the Oakwood "mutineers." The true story hasn't been told of what happened there. Yes it's true Erap funded the thing to make trouble for GMA, but most people don't know he gave GRINGO HONASAN 30 or 40 million pesos to help them at least do a good job exposing the corruption of the top brass in the military. Gringo was supposed to mobilize the civilian component and create a loud forum for Trillanes and the other idealistic young officers to expose the corrupt practices and rotten system in the AFP. But the dirty dirty dirty secret is that GRINGO pocketed the money and bought a yacht with it! That's why the Oakwood Mutiny was "crushed" in 24 hours!


Chiz Escudero's Site

I'm so greatful and overwhelmed that atlast i found Hon. Francis Escudero's website!
I'm a big fan of chiz escudero. hes one of the great man i consider in the country.Only him and the Great Gringo Honasan.
I am very confident that Chiz Escudero would make it there to the Senate. Everyone likes him, hes very witty and that' what i like about him the most. Smart and clever but not exaggerating things to the extent. He speaks the truth.
I just hope that he will stay that way always. I am comparing him to the US Senator Barack Obama.

anyways..if you guys wanna visit his website, here it goes


i just thought that you people should read this one..

My Fellow Filipinos:

Thank you for giving me a moment of your time to share what I believe
in and what is in my heart.

My name is ANTONIO FUENTES TRILLANES IV. I am a candidate for Senator
in the coming May 2007 elections. I am also part of the United
Opposition (UNO) senatorial slate.

More than three years ago, my fellow soldiers and I stood for our
convictions and pushed for reforms to pursue our collective vision: to
live in a society where there is no corruption=85 where the streets
safe and the needs of the poor are addressed adequately=85where every
citizen is provided with the best education, sufficient health care,
and genuine public service.

This vision has sustained me throughout the years. Now, it is time to
carry forth this vision. This is the reason why I am running in the
coming elections.

Sadly, for some people, the elections will be nothing more than a
contest of men and women with the most entertaining advertisement or
the most popular jingle. But I believe most Filipinos are smart enough
not to be swayed by these kinds of manipulative schemes. We need much
more from our elected representatives. We need sincerity, integrity
and moral courage. We need solutions to our country's problems.
Ultimately, we need men who cannot be bought.

Friends, I am offering myself as an alternative.

My legislative platform proposes practicable solutions that cover
four major advocacies, namely: anti-corruption, poverty alleviation,
peace & order, and education. (To view my complete resum=E9 and
proposed legislative program, kindly visit the following websites: and

I want to pursue these advocacies we started three and a half years
ago, to finally turn this country around. But I cannot do this alone.
The fate of our nation could not - and should not - be directed by
one man alone. Instead, it should be the end result of the collective
efforts of each and every one of us. Thus, I need your help.

If, up to this point, I have failed to convince you to support my
cause, then thank you for giving me a little of your time. However,
if you believe in what I stand for and you are convinced that I can
protect your rights and push for the interests of the Filipino
people, then you can do any or all of the following:

Forward this message to all your friends;

Vote for me (if you are registered voter);

Tell your relatives and friends to vote for me;

Sign up as one of our campaign volunteers by helping in the
distribution/posting of campaign paraphernalia in your area. (Sign-up
at or

As you may have noticed, this mode of electronic campaigning is quite
unique and would probably be the first in Philippine politics.
Surely, it will spread information that will help you choose your
rightful leaders much faster than motorcades and rallies. Besides, it
is free.
More importantly, this will empower Filipinos across the globe as
they take an active part in our democracy. Lastly, this will be your
opportunity to finally be heard and recognized as a responsible
citizen who has genuine concern for our country's future.

Thank You and Good Day!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hello Garci Ringtone

It’s quite amazing how Lacson still kicks it there to the top. He was a very controversial man in the time of Erap Admnistration. Although he was involved in so many controversies, he’s still doing good and still able to get the faith of most Filipinos. And I do believe that people in the country likes his strong personality and confidence in his job, he’s a clever and witty man.!

Talking about wittiness, Lacson stated that the Genuine Opposition thought of a very brainy, comical and hilarious maneuver on their campaigns. The “troop” owns the famous “Hello Garci” ring tone on their own mobile phones. In every campaign they are going to play the ringtone, for the Filipinos to take the unprincipled and fraud result [for presidency] of the previous election in account. And it is such a brilliant idea because even if the administration denies it to death! And as if the only notable and important people in the country are Gloria and her wicked claws, still we are able to show our aversion to the present administration.

Gloria didn’t and NEVER cares about the voices of the Filipinos. She does her things without considering the people..and now its our time to do our thing! Let us all have to “hello garci ringtone” use it all the time..and all over! We have the freedom of speech and also we have to freedom to RING! J

Download the ringtone here

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hating Pangilinan

I was never against Kiko Pangilinan. He was a good senator. Hes working in discreet, kasi hindi ko siya naririnig na nakikipagdebate sa senado. But i must say that wa siyang thrill! He was adopted by the United Opposition but hes running on his own. He's endorsing Ralph Recto na kakampi ng administrasyon but never mentioned his mates in United Opposition! Hes so selfish. I know that he has the right to endorce who ever he wants pero ang ginagawa niya ngayon ay isang insulto sa kanyang mga kasamahan. Bakit pa siya sumali sa United Opposition if cane even stand for it. Hindi niya kayang panindigan.Now it makes me think na kaya lang siya nagpa adopt sa Opposition para madagdagan ang appeal niya sa mga tao. Because he knows for a FACT that Filipinos are so into the opposition! And united opposition senatorials ang pinakamalakas ngayon. They have all the smart people. Its a perfect group. And i must say Kiko doesnt deserve to be in their line up. Nakakainis siya!

Goma is so Pathetic

Richard Gomez is running for senator this coming election.Could you believe that? Well anyways, i think he really admires the former PhPresident Estrada?
I dont think its appropriate for the people in showbiz to get into politics. I do believe that they dont have any experience or knowledge to rule the country. Especially actors like Richard Gomez who's obviously a brazen man and SNOB i must say!
I remember the news before where his mates in a certain club, i think its a shooting club where he was asked to leave because of his improper deeds.HE IS FREAKIN' ARROGANT!
Ang isang taong kagaya ni Goma ay walang lugar sa senado. What would be his purpose on running for senator? Does he really want to help the country? He cant even help his own self. Hindi nga niya kayang kontrolin ang sarili and his wife na may nakakahiyang talent.I know that you've heard about the news before, na yo'ng asawa niyang maganda and very sophistacated ay nagnakaw!
How could a person like him who dont have to ability to "impress" the nation intellectually could ever make it there to the Senate. I think Senate is a "sacred place" for smart people. Smart people like Francis Escudero. Matalino, makatao at higit sa lahat hindi makasarili.
Goma in other hand is appealing [physically] to the Filipinos, pero hindi lahat ng pilipino tanga at magpapadala nalang sa kanyang promising speech, perfect smile at tantalizing eyes! haha. Horrible fact..but senate is only for the BRAINY people, people who knows so much about politics and LAWS..its only and ONLY for those kind of people!
Although i must admit that you have your right as a citizen na tumakbo, still it would be better if you keep yourself in a corner, where you wont be criticized by the Filipino. Nakakatakot ang kutyain, tawaging bobo! Youll have all the respect that u wanted if you stay discreet and leave politics. ...thats if you want to give up the POWER and the WEALTH..not to mention the "KABAN NG BAYAN" na u can possibly own.
haha.PEACE yo!

if you really want to get in politics, start from being a tanod..then get a degree in political science. after that you are now eligible for running for a kapitan. then start studying Law! now if you pass the bar exam and read 6 tracks of're now ready to run for senator

-GODly advice