Monday, February 19, 2007

Oakwood Mutiny Fails bec of Honasan?

as ive been saying before, i like or probably or i did definitely admire Gringo Honasan. For some reasons it is so hard to accept some rumors about him. Whether its an ironic FACT or just a big lie..its very disappointing to be aware of his unGODly deeds..

Nevertheless, i still acknowledge his accomplishements and his heroic activities. For overthrowing the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos and for his coup attempts. Although coup had killed nearly 100 people and if the Oakwood Mutiny in July 2003 has been successfull, it might be devastating to the country. BUT obviously, these people would not even try to think about doing such attempts if the Government or the Administration i must say, has been responsible and has been GOOD enough since they were never given the chance to speak out and to inform the country how faulty our admin is. The Coup is their way and probably the only way to show that they are not happy and satisfied with what is going on with the country.

Anyways, heres an anonymous email sent to Mr. Rizalist

i am not sure in any way if i must believe in this email but the only thing that is clear is that noone was able to say that hes been in the so called Honasan's yacht. He might pocketed the money, and its in the bank. Ready to be be used on whatever Gringo's plans. On whatever he's going to do next.Hmm..i wonder whats on HIS mind? But i know that Gringo is going to do what is suppose to be DONE!

here it goes:

Dear Mr. Rizalist:

I hope you will write about Faeldon and the rest of the Oakwood "mutineers." The true story hasn't been told of what happened there. Yes it's true Erap funded the thing to make trouble for GMA, but most people don't know he gave GRINGO HONASAN 30 or 40 million pesos to help them at least do a good job exposing the corruption of the top brass in the military. Gringo was supposed to mobilize the civilian component and create a loud forum for Trillanes and the other idealistic young officers to expose the corrupt practices and rotten system in the AFP. But the dirty dirty dirty secret is that GRINGO pocketed the money and bought a yacht with it! That's why the Oakwood Mutiny was "crushed" in 24 hours!



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