Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hello Garci Ringtone

It’s quite amazing how Lacson still kicks it there to the top. He was a very controversial man in the time of Erap Admnistration. Although he was involved in so many controversies, he’s still doing good and still able to get the faith of most Filipinos. And I do believe that people in the country likes his strong personality and confidence in his job, he’s a clever and witty man.!

Talking about wittiness, Lacson stated that the Genuine Opposition thought of a very brainy, comical and hilarious maneuver on their campaigns. The “troop” owns the famous “Hello Garci” ring tone on their own mobile phones. In every campaign they are going to play the ringtone, for the Filipinos to take the unprincipled and fraud result [for presidency] of the previous election in account. And it is such a brilliant idea because even if the administration denies it to death! And as if the only notable and important people in the country are Gloria and her wicked claws, still we are able to show our aversion to the present administration.

Gloria didn’t and NEVER cares about the voices of the Filipinos. She does her things without considering the people..and now its our time to do our thing! Let us all have to “hello garci ringtone” use it all the time..and all over! We have the freedom of speech and also we have to freedom to RING! J

Download the ringtone here


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