Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Goma is so Pathetic

Richard Gomez is running for senator this coming election.Could you believe that? Well anyways, i think he really admires the former PhPresident Estrada?
I dont think its appropriate for the people in showbiz to get into politics. I do believe that they dont have any experience or knowledge to rule the country. Especially actors like Richard Gomez who's obviously a brazen man and SNOB i must say!
I remember the news before where his mates in a certain club, i think its a shooting club where he was asked to leave because of his improper deeds.HE IS FREAKIN' ARROGANT!
Ang isang taong kagaya ni Goma ay walang lugar sa senado. What would be his purpose on running for senator? Does he really want to help the country? He cant even help his own self. Hindi nga niya kayang kontrolin ang sarili and his wife na may nakakahiyang talent.I know that you've heard about the news before, na yo'ng asawa niyang maganda and very sophistacated ay nagnakaw!
How could a person like him who dont have to ability to "impress" the nation intellectually could ever make it there to the Senate. I think Senate is a "sacred place" for smart people. Smart people like Francis Escudero. Matalino, makatao at higit sa lahat hindi makasarili.
Goma in other hand is appealing [physically] to the Filipinos, pero hindi lahat ng pilipino tanga at magpapadala nalang sa kanyang promising speech, perfect smile at tantalizing eyes! haha. Horrible fact..but senate is only for the BRAINY people, people who knows so much about politics and LAWS..its only and ONLY for those kind of people!
Although i must admit that you have your right as a citizen na tumakbo, still it would be better if you keep yourself in a corner, where you wont be criticized by the Filipino. Nakakatakot ang kutyain, tawaging bobo! Youll have all the respect that u wanted if you stay discreet and leave politics. ...thats if you want to give up the POWER and the WEALTH..not to mention the "KABAN NG BAYAN" na u can possibly own.
haha.PEACE yo!

if you really want to get in politics, start from being a tanod..then get a degree in political science. after that you are now eligible for running for a kapitan. then start studying Law! now if you pass the bar exam and read 6 tracks of're now ready to run for senator

-GODly advice


At June 28, 2008 at 12:05 AM , Anonymous Julius Baricaua said...

Well my friend, it depends whether the candidate is from hollywood or not.

It all depends on the character of the person. For example, Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood and The Governator, they did well on this field

So far I have not seen any Philippines's showbiz who I would support

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