Monday, February 19, 2007


i just thought that you people should read this one..

My Fellow Filipinos:

Thank you for giving me a moment of your time to share what I believe
in and what is in my heart.

My name is ANTONIO FUENTES TRILLANES IV. I am a candidate for Senator
in the coming May 2007 elections. I am also part of the United
Opposition (UNO) senatorial slate.

More than three years ago, my fellow soldiers and I stood for our
convictions and pushed for reforms to pursue our collective vision: to
live in a society where there is no corruption=85 where the streets
safe and the needs of the poor are addressed adequately=85where every
citizen is provided with the best education, sufficient health care,
and genuine public service.

This vision has sustained me throughout the years. Now, it is time to
carry forth this vision. This is the reason why I am running in the
coming elections.

Sadly, for some people, the elections will be nothing more than a
contest of men and women with the most entertaining advertisement or
the most popular jingle. But I believe most Filipinos are smart enough
not to be swayed by these kinds of manipulative schemes. We need much
more from our elected representatives. We need sincerity, integrity
and moral courage. We need solutions to our country's problems.
Ultimately, we need men who cannot be bought.

Friends, I am offering myself as an alternative.

My legislative platform proposes practicable solutions that cover
four major advocacies, namely: anti-corruption, poverty alleviation,
peace & order, and education. (To view my complete resum=E9 and
proposed legislative program, kindly visit the following websites: and

I want to pursue these advocacies we started three and a half years
ago, to finally turn this country around. But I cannot do this alone.
The fate of our nation could not - and should not - be directed by
one man alone. Instead, it should be the end result of the collective
efforts of each and every one of us. Thus, I need your help.

If, up to this point, I have failed to convince you to support my
cause, then thank you for giving me a little of your time. However,
if you believe in what I stand for and you are convinced that I can
protect your rights and push for the interests of the Filipino
people, then you can do any or all of the following:

Forward this message to all your friends;

Vote for me (if you are registered voter);

Tell your relatives and friends to vote for me;

Sign up as one of our campaign volunteers by helping in the
distribution/posting of campaign paraphernalia in your area. (Sign-up
at or

As you may have noticed, this mode of electronic campaigning is quite
unique and would probably be the first in Philippine politics.
Surely, it will spread information that will help you choose your
rightful leaders much faster than motorcades and rallies. Besides, it
is free.
More importantly, this will empower Filipinos across the globe as
they take an active part in our democracy. Lastly, this will be your
opportunity to finally be heard and recognized as a responsible
citizen who has genuine concern for our country's future.

Thank You and Good Day!



At June 28, 2008 at 12:02 AM , Anonymous Julius Baricaua said...

I have not seen any Philippines Politicians who are willing to post their financial assets and yearly income to the Philippines's public.

I will vote for you. If you are willing to do that


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